Take the first step to your Cisco certification with these exam simulators. Test your knowledge with the questions and answers of the CCNA 1, CCNA 2, CCNA 3 and CCNA 4 exams.

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As you may have noticed, on the main page we have the syllabus for each course (CCNA 1, CCNA 2, CCNA 3 and CCNA 4) that is part of the final CCNA certification. In this section you can easily navigate in each of the exams:

CCNAv6 Exam Answer Online Test

The following list contains the Cisco CCNA v6.0 exam answers. Each exam is actually a simulator, where you can choose the answer that you think is correct and you will immediately know if you guessed right or not.

At the end of the exam, when you have already marked all the answers, a result of your successes will be shown (For example, 10 of 25 correct answers), which you can share on Facebook with the others if you wish.

CCNAv6 Exam Answer Online Test

CCNA v6 Exam Answer Online Test

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CCNA 3 v6 Exam Answers | Resolved exams

CCNA 4 v6 Exam Answers | Resolved exams