CCNA 2 Final Exam Answers Option B

Cisco CCNA 2 Simulation v6.0 Test Final Exam Option B
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Cisco CCNA 2 Simulation v6.0 Test Final Exam Option B Questions and answers

CCNA 2 Final Exam Answers Option B Quiz Questions and Answers. In this simulation, take your test, get your score and share with others!

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CCNA 2 V6.0 Final Exam Answers Option B Questions and Answers

Refer to the exhibit. Inter-VLAN communication between VLAN 10, VLAN 20, and VLAN 30 is not successful. What is the problem?

Which statement describes a route that has been learned dynamically?

What is indicated by the M in the Cisco IOS image name c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.153-3.M.bin?

A network administrator is configuring port security on a Cisco switch. When a violation occurs, which violation mode that is configured on an interface will cause packets with an unknown source address to be dropped with no notification sent?

Which network design may be recommended for a small campus site that consists of a single building with a few users?

Which route will a router use to forward an IPv4 packet after examining its routing table for the best match with the destination address?

A network engineer has created a standard ACL to control SSH access to a router. Which command will apply the ACL to the VTY lines?

As part of the new security policy, all switches on the network are configured to automatically learn MAC addresses for each port. All running configurations are saved at the start and close of every business day. A severe thunderstorm causes an extended power outage several hours after the close of business. When the switches are brought back online, the dynamically learned MAC addresses are retained. Which port security configuration enabled this?

Which type of traffic is designed for a native VLAN?

Which set of commands will configure a router as a DHCP server that will assign IPv4 addresses to the LAN while reserving the first 10 and the last addresses for static assignment?


In what situation would a Layer 2 switch have an IP address configured?

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the exhibited configuration and output, why is VLAN 99 missing?

A network administrator is configuring a new Cisco switch for remote management access. Which three items must be configured on the switch for the task? (Choose three.)

Which two statements are correct if a configured NTP master on a network cannot reach any clock with a lower stratum number? (Choose two.)

To enable RIP routing for a specific subnet, the configuration command network was entered by the network administrator. What address, if any, appears in the running configuration file to identify this network?

Which advantage does the store-and-forward switching method have compared with the cut-through switching method?

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is attempting to install an IPv6 static route on router R1 to reach the network attached to router R2. After the static route command is entered, connectivity to the network is still failing. What error has been made in the static route configuration?

Compared with dynamic routes, what are two advantages of using static routes on a router? (Choose two.)

A small company has a web server in the office that is accessible from the Internet. The IP address is assigned to the web server. The network administrator is configuring the router so that external clients can access the web server over the Internet. Which item is required in the NAT configuration?

A network administrator is configuring an ACL with the command access-list 10 permit Which IPv4 address matches the ACE?


Refer to the exhibit. Which route was configured as a static route to a specific network using the next-hop address?

What benefit does NAT64 provide?

Refer to the exhibit. A PC at address is unable to access the Internet. What is the most likely cause of the problem?

Which characteristic describes cut-through switching?

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is examining the message in a syslog server. What can be determined from the message?

Which configuration would be appropriate for a small business that has the public IP address of assigned to the external interface on the router that connects to the Internet?

A router has used the OSPF protocol to learn a route to the network. Which command will implement a backup floating static route to this network?

Refer to the exhibit. What is the administrative distance value that indicates the route for R2 to reach the network?

Which two characteristics describe the native VLAN? (Choose two.)

Refer to the exhibit. NAT is configured on Remote and Main. The PC is sending a request to the web server. What IPv4 address is the source IP address in the packet between Main and the web server?


An administrator is trying to remove configurations from a switch. After using the command erase startup-config and reloading the switch, the administrator finds that VLANs 10 and 100 still exist on the switch. Why were these VLANs not removed?

Which commands are used to re-enable a port that has been disabled as a result of a port security violation?

Refer to the exhibit. R1 has been configured as shown. However, PC1 is not able to receive an IPv4 address. What is the problem?​

What is the effect of configuring the ipv6 unicast-routing command on a router?

Which information does a switch use to keep the MAC address table information current?

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is preparing to upgrade the IOS system image on a Cisco 2901 router. Based on the output shown, how much space is available for the new image?

What is used in the EUI-64 process to create an IPv6 interface ID on an IPv6 enabled interface?

Which type of traffic would most likely have problems when passing through a NAT device?

Refer to the exhibit. Host A has sent a packet to host B. What will be the source MAC and IP addresses on the packet when it arrives at host B?

A network administrator is verifying a configuration that involves network monitoring. What is the purpose of the global configuration command logging trap 4?


What is a characteristic of a static route that creates a gateway of last resort?

Order the DHCP process steps. (Not all options are used.)

What is a result of connecting two or more switches together?

Employees of a company connect their wireless laptop computers to the enterprise LAN via wireless access points that are cabled to the Ethernet ports of switches. At which layer of the three-layer hierarchical network design model do these switches operate?

Which two factors are important when deciding which interior gateway routing protocol to use? (Choose two.)

A network engineer is interested in obtaining specific information relevant to the operation of both distribution and access layer Cisco devices. Which command provides common information relevant to both types of devices?

Match the router memory type that provides the primary storage for the router feature. (Not all options are used.)

The computers used by the network administrators for a school are on the network. Which two commands are needed at a minimum to apply an ACL that will ensure that only devices that are used by the network administrators will be allowed Telnet access to the routers? (Choose two.)

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement shown in the output allows router R1 to respond to stateless DHCPv6 requests?

Refer to the exhibit. Which command will properly configure an IPv6 static route on R2 that will allow traffic from PC2 to reach PC1 without any recursive lookups by router R2?

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