CCNA 3 Chapter 4 v6 Exam Answers

network administrator is configuring an EtherChannel link between switches SW1 and SW2 by using the command SW1(config-if-range)# channel-group 1 mode passive. Which command must be used on SW2 to enable this EtherChannel?

The possible combinations to establish an EtherChannel between SW1 and SW2 using LACP or PAgP are as follows:
on on
auto desirable
desirable desirable

on on
active active
passive active

The EtherChannel mode chosen on each side of the EtherChannel must be compatible in order to enable it.

Fill in the blank.
In FHRP operation, two or more routers are represented as a single __ router.

In a First Hop Redundancy Protocol like HSRP, multiple routers share a virtual MAC and virtual IP address which are presented to hosts as a single “virtual” router to use as a gateway.

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has decided that an EtherChannel between ports 0/1 and 0/2 on switches S1 and S2 would help performance. After making the configuration, the administrator notices no performance gain. Based on the output that is shown, what two possible assumptions could a network administrator make? (Choose two.)

In order to form an EtherChannel, all ports should be within the same group.

Refer to the exhibit. What statement is true about the output of the show standby command?

The output shows that the active router is local and indicates that this router is the active router and is currently forwarding packets.

Which statement describes an EtherChannel implementation?

Up to 16 links can be grouped in an EtherChannel by using the the PAgP or LACP protocol. EtherChannel can be configured as a Layer 2 bundle or a Layer 3 bundle. Configuring a Layer 3 bundle is beyond the scope of this course. If a trunked port is a part of the EtherChannel bundle, all ports in the bundle need to be trunk ports and the native VLAN must be the same on all of these ports. A best practice is to apply the configuration to the port channel interface. The configuration is then automatically applied to the individual ports.

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the command output shown, what is the status of the EtherChannel?

The command output shows the port channel as SU, which means Layer 2 and in use; and the FastEthernet 0/10 and 0/11 interfaces are bundled in port-channel as indicated by the P flag. Configuring the EtherChannel using the channel-group 1 mode on command will cause the Protocol field in the command output to be empty.

What is the purpose of HSRP?

Refer to the exhibit. An EtherChannel was configured between switches S1 and S2, but the interfaces do not form an EtherChannel. What is the problem?

The guidelines for configuring an EtherChannel link are:
Interfaces which form an EtherChannel can be physically discontiguous, and on different modules.
Interfaces in an EtherChannel have to operate at the same speed and in the same duplex mode.
Interfaces in the EtherChannel must be assigned to the same VLAN, or be configured as a trunk.
Interfaces in the EtherChannel have to support the same allowed range of VLANs.

What is an advantage of using LACP?

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator issued the show etherchannel summarycommand on the switch S1. What conclusion can be drawn?


Which nonproprietary protocol provides router redundancy for a group of routers which support IPv4 LANs?

The only nonproprietary FHRP used for router redundancy listed in the options is VRRPv2. HSRP and GLBP are both Cisco proprietary FHRPs. IOS SLB is a Cisco-based solution used to load balance traffic across multiple servers.

Open the PT Activity. Perform the tasks in the activity instructions and then answer the question. What are two reasons why the ping messages that are issued from Laptop0 towards Laptop1 are failing? (Choose two.)

Port-channel 1 needs to be configured as a trunk in order to carry data about two different VLANs. The channel group is set as auto and desirable. The SVI has not been configured on the switches, but this does not affect the creation of an EtherChannel. The use of straight-through cables between switches is not an issue when using a Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch.

A network administrator would like to ensure that router R1 is always elected the active router for an HSRP group. Which set of commands would ensure the required results?

In order to configure HSRP, the standby command is used. The IP address given with the standby command is the virtual IP address used by hosts as a default gateway. A priority number of 255 is the highest that can be assigned and should be configured on the router that is to be the active router.

Which two protocols are used to implement EtherChannel? (Choose two.)

Port Aggregation Protocol and Link Aggregation Control Protocol are used to implement EtherChannel. Spanning Tree and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol are used to prevent switching loops. Cisco Discovery Protocol is Cisco-proprietary and is used to discovery information about adjacent Cisco devices such as model number and IP address.

What is a best practice to use before beginning an EtherChannel implementation?

Before configuring EtherChannel, the interfaces used should be shut down so that any incomplete configuration will not cause activity on the link.

Which PAgP mode combination will establish an EtherChannel?

Which three options must match in order to establish an EtherChannel between two directly connected switches? (Choose three.)

Speed and duplex settings must match for all interfaces in an EtherChannel. All interfaces in the EtherChannel must be in the same VLAN if the ports are not configured as trunks. Any ports may be used to establish an EtherChannel. Domain names and port security settings are not relevant to EtherChannel.

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is troubleshooting host connectivity on a LAN that uses a first hop redundancy protocol. Which IPv4 gateway address should be configured on the host?

The host default gateway address should be the FHRP (in this case GLBP) virtual IP address.

Refer to the exhibit. Which switching technology would allow each access layer switch link to be aggregated to provide more bandwidth between each Layer 2 switch and the Layer 3 switch?

PortFast is used to reduce the amount of time that a port spends going through the spanning-tree algorithm, so that devices can start sending data sooner. Trunking can be implemented in conjunction with EtherChannel, but trunking alone does not aggregate switch links. HSRP is used to load-balance traffic across two different connections to Layer 3 devices for default gateway redundancy. HSRP does not aggregate links at either Layer 2 or Layer 3 as EtherChannel does.

An EtherChannel link using LACP was formed between two switches, S1 and S2. While verifying the configuration, which mode combination could be utilized on both switches?​

An EtherChannel link will be formed using LACP when both switches are in on mode or in active mode, or when one of them is in passive mode and the other is in active mode.


What is a requirement to configure a trunking EtherChannel between two switches?

To enable a trunking EtherChannel successfully, the range of VLANs allowed on all the interfaces must match; otherwise, the EtherChannel cannot be formed. The interfaces involved in an EtherChannel do not have to be physically contiguous, or on the same module. Because the EtherChannel is a trunking one, participating interfaces are configured as trunk mode, not access mode.

Which statement is true regarding the use of PAgP to create EtherChannels?

PAgP is used to automatically aggregate multiple ports into an EtherChannel bundle, but it only works between Cisco devices. LACP can be used for the same purpose between Cisco and non-Cisco devices. PAgP must have the same duplex mode at both ends and can use two ports or more. The number of ports depends on the switch platform or module. An EtherChannel aggregated link is seen as one port by the spanning-tree algorithm.

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator configured routers R1 and R2 as part of HSRP group 1. After the routers have been reloaded, a user on Host1 complained of lack of connectivity to the Internet The network administrator issued the show standby briefcommand on both routers to verify the HSRP operations. In addition, the administrator observed the ARP table on Host1. Which entry should be seen in the ARP table on Host1 in order to gain connectivity to the Internet?

Hosts will send an ARP request to the default gateway which is the virtual IP address. ARP replies from the HSRP routers contain the virtual MAC address. The host ARP tables will contain a mapping of the virtual IP to the virtual MAC.

Which statement describes a characteristic of EtherChannel?

An EtherChannel is formed by combining multiple (same type) Ethernet physical links so they are seen and configured as one logical link. It provides an aggregated link between two switches. Currently each EtherChannel can consist of up to eight compatibly configured Ethernet ports.

Match the description to the correct command. (Not all options are used.)

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