CCNA 2 v6 Final Exam Answers Option C

Refer to the exhibit. NAT is configured on RT1 and RT2. The PC is sending a request to the web server. What IPv4 address is the source IP address in the packet between RT2 and the web server?

Refer to the exhibit. R1 was configured with the static route command ip route S0/0/0 and consequently users on network are unable to reach resources on the Internet. How should this static route be changed to allow user traffic from the LAN to reach the Internet?

What will be the result of adding the command ip dhcp excluded-address to the configuration of a local router that has been configured as a DHCP server?

Which two factors are important when deciding which interior gateway routing protocol to use? (Choose two.)

What will a Cisco LAN switch do if it receives an incoming frame and the destination MAC address is not listed in the MAC address table?

What is a basic function of the Cisco Borderless Architecture access layer?

What benefit does NAT64 provide?

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is examining the message in a syslog server. What can be determined from the message?

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements are correct based on the output as shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A network engineer is interested in obtaining specific information relevant to the operation of both distribution and access layer Cisco devices. Which command provides common information relevant to both types of devices?


Match the router memory type that provides the primary storage for the router feature. (Not all options are used.)

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement shown in the output allows router R1 to respond to stateless DHCPv6 requests?

The computers used by the network administrators for a school are on the network. Which two commands are needed at a minimum to apply an ACL that will ensure that only devices that are used by the network administrators will be allowed Telnet access to the routers? (Choose two.)

In what situation would a Layer 2 switch have an IP address configured?

A network administrator is configuring port security on a Cisco switch. The company security policy specifies that when a violation occurs, packets with unknown source addresses should be dropped and no notification should be sent. Which violation mode should be configured on the interfaces?

What is the name of the layer in the Cisco borderless switched network design that would have more switches deployed than other layers in the network design of a large organization?

A host on the LAN is not being assigned an IPv4 address by an enterprise DHCP server with the address What is the best way for the network engineer to resolve this problem?

A network administrator is verifying a configuration that involves network monitoring. What is the purpose of the global configuration command logging trap 4?

Which command will create a static route on R2 in order to reach PC B?

A network engineer has created a standard ACL to control SSH access to a router. Which command will apply the ACL to the VTY lines?


A network administrator reviews the routing table on the router and sees a route to the destination network with a next-hop IP address of What are two descriptions of this route? (Choose two.)

A router has used the OSPF protocol to learn a route to the network. Which command will implement a backup floating static route to this network?

What are three functions provided by the syslog service? (Choose three.)

A network administrator is configuring an ACL with the command access-list 10 permit Which IPv4 address matches the ACE?

Which statement describes a route that has been learned dynamically?

Which advantage does the store-and-forward switching method have compared with the cut-through switching method?

Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator enters these commands into the R1 router:

R1# copy running-config tftp
Address or name of remote host [ ]?

When the router prompts for an address or remote host name, what IP address should the administrator enter at the prompt?

Refer to the exhibit. A small business uses VLANs 2, 3, 4, and 5 between two switches that have a trunk link between them. What native VLAN should be used on the trunk if Cisco best practices are being implemented?

Refer to the exhibit. A company has an internal network of for their employee workstations and a DMZ network of to host servers. The company uses NAT when inside hosts connect to outside network. A network administrator issues the show ip nat translations command to check the NAT configurations. Which one of source IPv4 addresses is translated by R1 with PAT?

What is the purpose of the Cisco PAK?


As part of the new security policy, all switches on the network are configured to automatically learn MAC addresses for each port. All running configurations are saved at the start and close of every business day. A severe thunderstorm causes an extended power outage several hours after the close of business. When the switches are brought back online, the dynamically learned MAC addresses are retained. Which port security configuration enabled this?

Refer to the exhibit. All hosts and router interfaces are configured correctly. Pings to the server from both H1 and H2 and pings between H1 and H2 are not successful. What is causing this problem?

Compared with dynamic routes, what are two advantages of using static routes on a router? (Choose two.)

Refer to the exhibit. Which highlighted value represents a specific destination network in the routing table?

Refer to the exhibit. Router R1 has an OSPF neighbor relationship with the ISP router over the network. The network link should serve as a backup when the OSPF link goes down. The floating static route command ip route S0/0/1 100 was issued on R1 and now traffic is using the backup link even when the OSPF link is up and functioning. Which change should be made to the static route command so that traffic will only use the OSPF link when it is up?​

Which statement describes a characteristic of the extended range VLANs that are created on a Cisco 2960 switch?

Which switching method drops frames that fail the FCS check?

Refer to the exhibit. What is the administrative distance value that indicates the route for R2 to reach the network?

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the exhibited configuration and output, why is VLAN 99 missing?

Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that the routing tables are up to date and no ARP messages are needed, after a packet leaves H1, how many times is the L2 header rewritten in the path to H3?


What caused the following error message to appear?

01:11:12: %PM-4-ERR_DISABLE: psecure-violation error detected on Fa0/8, putting Fa0/8 in err-disable state
01:11:12: %PORT_SECURITY-2-PSECURE_VIOLATION: Security violation occurred, caused by MAC address 0011.a0d4.12a0 on port FastEthernet0/8.
01:11:13: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernet0/8, changed state to down
01:11:14: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface FastEthernet0/8, changed state to down

What is the reason why the DHCPREQUEST message is sent as a broadcast during the DHCPv4 process?

Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is trying to configure PAT on R1, but PC-A is unable to access the Internet. The administrator tries to ping a server on the Internet from PC-A and collects the debugs that are shown in the exhibit. Based on this output, what is most likely the cause of the problem?

A network administrator is using the router-on-a-stick method to configure inter-VLAN routing. Switch port Gi1/1 is used to connect to the router. Which command should be entered to prepare this port for the task?

What is used in the EUI-64 process to create an IPv6 interface ID on an IPv6 enabled interface?

Match each borderless switched network principle to its description. (Not all options are uesd.)

Refer to the exhibit. NAT is configured on Remote and Main. The PC is sending a request to the web server. What IPv4 address is the source IP address in the packet between Main and the web server?

On which two routers would a default static route be configured? (Choose two.)

A network administrator is configuring a new Cisco switch for remote management access. Which three items must be configured on the switch for the task? (Choose three.)

Refer to the exhibit. Which three hosts will receive ARP requests from host A, assuming that port Fa0/4 on both switches is configured to carry traffic for multiple VLANs? (Choose three.)